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How to be a Speaker on 

Whyzzer Talks .


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Talks empower you to join

dynamic discussions through video,

fostering genuine interactions and

diverse perspectives.


How it works:

Easily join and contribute to Talks.

We provide smart 
summaries of your video contributions so your audience can seamlessly follow, read, and watch the conversation.

You and the audience can join the conversation at your 
convenience as our app offers on-demand access to the Talks, moving away from live streams or pre-recorded podcasts.

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Follow the link in to the Talk invitation

you received from the Talk host. If you already have an account on Whyzzer, great! You can skip to step three.

You are guided to your App Store to download the Whyzzer App. Create

an account and accept the Talk invite

in your Home Feed.

Check out the Talk, follow the conversation and record your first contribution by clicking the “+” button.

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jointheconversation 1
Single Phone - Invite.png

Our step by step guide to

help you join your first Talk.

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