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Sharing Knowledge 

Whyzzer is the social media app exclusively for knowledge, experiences and expertise.

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You discover, consume, save and share educational content with your friends.

You see what your friends, colleagues or even your idols are educating themselves about.

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Verified by you and the community, educators from a wide variety of fields share their knowledge in short bites in videos, podcasts, and articles. 


How it works


Download TestFlight

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On TestFlight you can experience, enjoy and test new cool not yet released apps like Whyzzer. At the same time you help us with your feedback, to find bugs and improve our features. 


Click on the link and download Whyzzer on TestFlight

By clicking here you will directly find the Whyzzer app on TestFlight. You can now download Whyzzer. The app will be displayed simultaneously to all your other apps on your phone. 


Test, have fun,

and give feedback!

Sign up and enjoy Whyzzer. Since this is our first Beta version, there isn't everything 100% ready yet and a lot is coming in the future. So give us feedback on bugs, features, what you love and what you don't like.

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